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I've learnt so much about training in the past year, despite all the time I've spent in gyms before. The best thing about the coaches is they keep it simple and concentrate on getting you to do the stuff that works. They also stop you doing stuff that's going to hurt you, which is just as important!
I learned very quickly that everyone is at totally different levels yet completely supportive of each other. I quickly realised that I didn't have to be as fit as anyone else to fit in. It's an incredible feeling to see the level you want to get to, yet feel confident and comfortable to work out!
A yoga student of mine raved about SCCF. She would rush off to, or be coming from, this mysterious 'CrossFit.' I have always been obsessed with getting stronger but I knew my yoga wasn't going to be enough, so I started going to the gym. I rave about SCCF to all my yoga students. When they ask if

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