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SCHOME: It’s back!

Recently, we shared this blog post about various suggestions and ideas to help you work out if you’re working away, especially for those who find …

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The 2021 NoBull CrossFit Games: What, When, and How To Watch

The CrossFit Games is an annual competition owned and run by CrossFit. Athletes compete in a series of events, which may be include various standard …

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When Motivation is Lacking, What Can we Do?

Motivation. What exactly is it? And do some people simply ‘have it’, and others don’t? How do we get it? And is it enough? Phew, …

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What’s the Deal with the Friday 1pm Class?

You may have noticed that the Friday 1pm class is coached by a different member of the team every week.  You may have also noticed …

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Working Away: Bringing the gym to your hotel room

It’s not uncommon for us to be asked by members how they can keep up some fitness whilst away with work, especially if their hotel …

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Getting Started: Are You Waiting For The ‘Perfect Time’?

Getting started with something new can be daunting. And we don’t just mean getting started at a gym in general – this could be about …

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The Return of the SCFIT Throwdown

“It’s so awesome to be back in classes. Everything feels almost normal now. The only thing left to come back in the Throwdowns – THEN …

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Post-Lockdown: Looking after Your Mental and Physical Health

Lockdown rules continue to lift, and things are beginning to feel a bit more ‘normal’. Cue a huge sigh of relief! But… for many of …

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6 Tips and Tricks to Help You Crack the Hydration Habit

We’ve probably all heard that cringe-worthy joke… “If you like water, then you already like 60% of me”… cue the eye roll!  So it’s probably …

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The Return of the Group Class

Group classes are BACK, and we couldn’t be happier! So what is so great about our group class format, that differs from turning up at …

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