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What if you were called incompetent?

This is an article exploring the ideas surrounding awareness and competence. Feel free to relate it to your own health and fitness journey.

Would you rather…

Would you rather spend more per month on something that you’ll actually use, or less per month on something that you won’t use?

How are we different?

We are more than just a gym. We are more than a coaching business. We are a collective of like minded individuals who all deeply care about each other and each other’s progress.

Will you go back to a barber when lockdown is over?

This is about fitness, but let’s start with an analogy: Some people always cut their own hair, but most people go to see a barber,…

How long will it take for me to get fit?

How long will it take for me to …………… (insert goal here). That’s a great question, and, like so many great questions, the answer usually starts with “it depends”.

How can I get better at pull-ups?

Do you want to start on one of the most effective pull-up programmes ever devised?

Are you a puddle or an ocean?

Puddles and oceans are made of the same thing.  But is it about size?  Puddles are small whilst oceans and big.  Does that mean that…

What if I want to workout at home?

We get it – not everyone can make it to the gym as often as they’d like. Sometimes you just want to get a great…

Can you do CrossFit if you’re overweight?

Yes.  This blog could end there, but it won’t. For too long CrossFit’s poster boys and girls have been super-athletes and it’s understandable that some…

How do I get six pack abs as quickly as possible?

Every single person on the planet has abs, some are visible and some are hidden. For some people they are part of their job, for…

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