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What are our Values? Part 1

It is increasingly difficult to find companies that are driven by values, but we are different.

Here at Second City, we are driven and guided by our values because they make it easier to:

Which fundamentally boils down to being able to:

  • Do the right things for the right people at the right time

Deciding on our values was easy because we knew exactly as we were living them.  Getting them down onto paper in a form that is easily communicated to the whole world was a bit trickier, but once they were broken down into three sub-categories, it was a lot simpler.

Our values hinge on three areas:

  • What we want to DO
  • What we want to BE
  • What we want to HAVE

So, the first category is based on what we want people to DO…


  • Do the right thing – regardless of who is around or how difficult it might seem
  • Strive for more – never settle and always be moving forwards 
  • Keep it simple – you can rarely go wrong if you’re sticking to the basics

So, the final question to ask is, do your values line up with our values?

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