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What’s happening…

It’s nearly time…

We know that for us, and for a lot of you, tonight is like Christmas Eve when you were 5 years old!  The suspense and excitement is tangible and we’ve got loads that we want you to know, want you to see and want you to understand, both and going forwards!

For a full video walkthrough of the gym, please head over to our new Instagram page

As far as details for today and tomorrow go, we’ll keep it short because we know that you’re probably so excited that you’ll forget loads of it.

So, for tomorrow (and also going forwards):

  • Classes will be 45 minutes long and have a buffer of 15 minutes before the next one to allow members and staff to get the cleaning done
  • We have 4 separate zones laid out on the gym floor that each have an occupancy limit, based on every having more than 100 sq ft.  We are not taping out boxes on the floor to keep people inside of which will allow us to be flexible with what we can actually do and give everyone access to everything that they will need.  Kit is now located in centralised areas so that it is accessible by whoever needs it.  At both class zones there are shelves for any keys, phones and small bags that you need to bring with you.
  • There is a COVID-specific document attached to your ZenPlanner account that needs to be signed before you attend the gym.  It is also prominently displayed in the gym along with our safety posters.
  • To avoid bottlenecks and mass gatherings please arrive no more than 10 minutes before your booked session.
  • To limit common touch points, to purchase any drinks or bars please ask a member of staff who is free to put it through on your ZP account.  SCFitness will now be a cash free building.
  • If you need chalk, we have chalk balls for sale at £2.50 each, but please bring a Tupperware with you to store it in.
  • Tomorrow morning the new limited edition shirts will be on sale – please see Mike or Gareth to buy one.
  • We now have a dedicated selfie spot for your post-workout swelfies!

To follow on Sunday….

  • What are SCGO and SCMOVE?
  • What to do if the new shirts are sold out?
  • What are the new rules about late cancellations and no shows?
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