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Customised Health and Fitness?

At Second City, we are first and foremost a coaching business. We have brought together a broad range of minds to help us develop the best way that we can work with each client.  Each client has a prescription to help them move towards their goals.

We meet with each member one-on-one, every 1 to 3 months for an ‘Member Check-In.’ These appointments are used to measure the individual’s progress, review prior class attendance, and dive in to a deeper goal-setting discussion. Based on the information that’s discussed, a new prescription can be provided to move on towards the next Member Check In.

Each member’s prescription is developed to help them improve their life in 5 general areas, known as the 5 Pillars of Health, as well as the services we offer to support them.

5 Pillars of Health

  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Recovery
  • Mindset
  • Relationships

Second City Services:

What does this look like in real life?

Maybe your goal is to lose 10 pounds and stop having back pain when you sit at work for extended periods of time.

Your SC prescription might be:

Get checked over by the experienced team at Arca Physiotherapy to check out if it’s injury or tightness

Be in a supportive environment that will help you build fitness and burn fat

Learn how to add simple exercises to your daily routine in and out of the gym to strengthen your core

  • SC Mobility – 2x/week

Mobility classes are going to help lengthen tight muscles that lead to pain while sitting. It can also improve your posture to ensure the issues caused by sitting don’t return.

Abs are “made in the kitchen,” so it’s not enough to strictly come to bootcamp classes. You’ll need to support that hard work with quality fuel, and working with a nutrition coach is the fastest way to learn more. More importantly, we’ll be able to hold you accountable.

Or perhaps your goal is to run a half marathon.

Your SC prescription might be:

With individual attention, we can help you improve your weaknesses. We’ll be able to take the time to work on things like hip flexor strength, or how powerful your legs are.

Get personalised workouts delivered to you in a premium app so that you can keep building your stamina

Be in a supportive environment that will help keep your fitness routine fresh as well as helping you build stronger legs

We want to help you get fit and stay healthy long term.

We want you to be that 80 year old who everyone thinks is 60!

No matter where you’re starting from let us help you put together a plan for success with three simple steps:


We want to learn more about you and your goals to see how we can help you.


Work with our fitness and nutrition experts to create a simple and sustainable plan to reach your goals.


Your coach will be there every step of the way, and will make tweaks to your plan as your body transforms. This ensures continued success and optimal results.

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