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Have you lost your mojo?

We all lose our mojo from time to time. But what do you do when your motivation is low? How do you deal with burning off stress when you’re already stressed?

As COVID drags on, more and more people are hitting breaking points. They’re tired of being tired, worn down by uncertainty and worried about the future. For some, things are returning to normal and for others they are getting worse.

Being part of something bigger than just you can make a world of difference to how you can cope with things when they do come up.

Losing motivation happens. If you choose to remain stagnant, you’ll likely get stuck for awhile. But, if you reach out and ask for help, you will find a way forward.

You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.

Charles Buxton

Here are a few examples that we’ve heard over the past few months (as well as potential solutions):

  • – “I can’t find time to workout”
  • Ask an SCFIT coach. If you have five minutes, we can find a workout that will be a good start and get your moving again.
  • – “I am not motivated to workout”
  • Reach out to an SCFIT coach. We can talk about what else is going on in your life and work on other positive things. There is more to fitness than just getting sweaty.
  • – “I can’t eat healthy”
  • Ask us about nutrition coaching. We always start simple and meet you wherever you are. “Eating healthy” could be one small change away.
  • – “I can’t afford to eat healthy”
  • Ask your nutrition coach how you can eat better for less. Oftentimes we can eat less of the most unhealthy things and free up some budget for a few healthier items – it’s all about finding that balance.
  • – “I can’t find time to cook healthy food”
  • Ask your nutrition coach to help you talk through ways you can save time.

We could go on and on but it seems pretty clear. Time and again it bounces back to asking one of the coaches for some help in finding your mojo. That’s what they’re there for. They want to see you succeed and are willing to hope you move mountains to do so!

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