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How can I sabotage my health and fitness goals? Part 1

This will be a three part series highlighting nine ways that you can totally sabotage your health and fitness goals without setting foot in a gym or even leaving the house.

If anything here rings true with you then get in touch with us and let us know how we can help you – and stop you from sabotaging yourself!

Are you guilty of any of the following classic mistakes?

1 – You’re inconsistent with your daily habits

Five days a week you eat well, make sensible choices, drink plenty of water and go to bed at a reasonable time but two days a week all bets are off when it comes to food choices, your protein intake drops significantly and you stay up later than you need to.  It’s rare to find someone that doesn’t have some sort of flexibility in the way that they eat one or two days a week (usually the weekend), but if you re focusing on the bigger picture properly then surely it would make sense to try and make smart choices that support your goals way more often than not.

2 – You don’t eat enough to support your goals

Even the smallest person needs over 1,000 calories a day just to exist and support their body’s physiological process.  That’s before you factor in any kind of movement (everything from walking around your house to doing high intensity exercise) or stress response (everything from being cut up whilst driving to work to doing high intensity exercise).  Please make sure that you’re eating enough – it may be more than you think and is almost certainly more than what the media would often have you believe.

3 – You are focused on supplements before sustenance

It is not uncommon to hear that people are hyper focused on eating carbohydrates around your training sessions, but if the rest of the day you’re making excuses for poor food quality choices then it’s a bit like focusing on icing a cake, before you’ve got a cake to ice.  The foundations of your nutrition should be whole foods in quantities that support your goals.  When the foundations are in place on a daily basis then let’s talk about the latest supplement that you’ve just seen an advert for!

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