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How can I sabotage my health and fitness goals? Part 2

This is the second part of a three part series highlighting nine ways that you can totally sabotage your health and fitness goals without setting foot in a gym or even leaving the house.

If you missed part one, then find it here.

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4 – You avoid fruit and vegetables

The popular diet If It Fits Your Macros can do wonders for body composition changes, but any way of eating that is truly sustainable and health focused should also focus on micronutrients.  Your energy levels, immune system and exercise recovery rates can all be boosted by focusing on the micros.  If you’re not supporting your body with the vitamins and minerals that it needs through diet, where are you hoping to get them from?

5 – You fail to prepare

It is rare that someone has a truly unpredictable schedule that totally controls their food choices, food availability and meal timings.  If you’re making something to eat in the evening, could you easily make a bit more and have your lunch ready for the next day with no extra effort? Even if you don’t really know which end of a knife to hold or how to operate an oven there are meal preparation services that can help you out. One of our favourites is PrepKitchen and you can even save 10% off every order with the code JONAH10.

6 – You focus on all the things that you are trying to limit in your diet

If you decide to adopt a new way of eating that removes certain foods or food groups but then focus your energy and time thinking about those things instead of all the things you can now eat you’re setting yourself up for a hard time.  It is human nature to focus on the things you can’t have, so why not build a nutrition plan that doesn’t have any foods that are off limits to alleviate mental stress?

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