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How can you stop sabotaging yourself at weekends?

When it’s the middle of the week you’ve probably put something balanced and nourishing on your plate to eat for your evening meal.  It’s hopefully some sort of lean protein like beef or chicken, a wide variety of vegetables and some starchy carbs like potatoes or sweet potatoes.

People seem to be pretty good at getting this kind of thing right between Monday and Friday, but then the weekend rolls round and the wheels fall off.

People lurch from tuna salads, mixed berries and yoghurts to family size buckets of deep fried something and whole boxes of cookies.

We’ve heard people scream and shout about how that’s balance – but is it really a balanced way of eating?  When you actually sit with that question you’ll probably find a different answer to the one you have when you’re 3 beers in on a Friday night.

All your best efforts during the week can be blown to pieces by weekends of excess and then you’ll probably hit a plateau in your pursuit of increased health and fitness.

So how can you help yourself? Try these three tips:

1 – If you plan your weekday meals, plan your weekend meals too

Success doesn’t happen by accident.

Making sensible choices that support your goals during the week seems smart, but just hoping for the best at the weekend doesn’t seem that smart, does it?

That doesn’t mean not eating some pizza, but it probably means not eating a large pizza for lunch and then later on getting down with a box of chocolates.

Eat the pizza.  Later on exercise a bit of restraint.

Assuming you eat 3 meals a day, 7 days a week then you can still eat 80% in line with your goals if you get off track for 4 meals a week!

2. Make better choices when you are out

If these choices are small, they’re more likely to be easy to make.

You make positive choices during the week, so what changes when the day begins with the letter ‘S’?!

If you’re going out, have a look at the menu and make choices that support your goals.  Have a proper look at the menu instead of always having the same thing.  Get more vegetables.  Assess how much your friends want you to succeed if they’re always desperate to get you to have a dessert when you’re full.

Maybe your friends do want you to succeed, but maybe you just haven’t told them that you’re working on something…

3. Tell people what you’re working on 

“I have a goal and I’d appreciate your support” – that wasn’t so hard to say was it?

Tell the people in your circle that you have a goal and that it’s important to you.

If people know what you’re doing then they’re more likely to support you when they’re around!  They can still be your friend even if you don’t both have dessert!

If you’ve hit a plateau then check your weekend habits out first and assess if they’re helping you or hindering you.  You can probably improve at least one thing…

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