How do I lose fat “right here”?

At Second City we’ve got over 30 years in the health and fitness industry and we’ve seen clients point to every single body part and say “I want to lose fat right here”.

A few of the more common ones we’ve got over the years are “my belly”, “my thighs”, “my love handles” and “my bingo wings”.

The problem is this…

You can’t actually target your fat loss to one specific body part despite what some of the shady adverts you’ve seen may promise…

Tone up your thighs?

Burn your belly?

Blitz your booty?

These are all empty promises as there isn’t a magic combination of pills, exercises, lotions, injections, wraps or voodoo magic that will allow you to take fat off a certain area that you choose!

The honest truth is that when you increase your fitness levels and build some muscle your body will lose some fat, but it will choose which bits it loses first. The benefits you’ll see as you lose fat in general are, whilst you’ll probably lose some from your “problem area”, you’ll have more energy and feel great.

As you build muscle as well as getting fitter you can start to build that lean and toned look that you’ve probably been trying for. We’ve talked about the risks of getting ’bulky’ here in case you missed it.

So what does our fat-loss programme look like?

There are lots of methods that we use, but they are all grounded in similar methods. If you want some proof of it don’t just take our word for it – speak to some of our members who’ll tell you exactly how good it can be!

We use a combination of cardiovascular and strength training to burn calories and build some lean muscle. That can be roughly translated into:

We lift heavy stuff and we also get sweaty

The days of just running are over. So too are the days of just lifting the same weights on the same exercises week in and week out. We vary things and we also make sure that every client is accomplishing their goals.

Sometimes a workout might have a singular focus such as long endurance work or tough strength work. Sometimes we’ll use both on the same day but separately from each other. Some days we’ll even blend them together for a potent workout.

Basically we focus on getting you results!

As you start to do these things regularly you’ll probably:

  • Start to see some lean muscle definition
  • Notice your clothes fitting better
  • Feel more energetic on a day to day basis
  • Hear some compliments from people about your figure
  • Be moving faster than before with the same amount of effort
  • Warm up with weights that used to scare you
  • Start to pay more attention to what you’re eating
  • Start to see an improvement in your own ‘problem area’ without even focusing on it…

Now it’s your time to come and talk to us – book your FREE No Sweat Intro and we’ll listen to what you want and help you make a plan to get there!


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