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How do you stop dieting for good?

Chances are you don’t need a diet, because you’ve tried enough of them in the past.

You don’t need a complex training plan, you’ve used plenty of them in the past.

You need 3 very simple things to allow you to truly take control of your health.

1 – Accountability

I don’t mean your husband or wife because we all know, you never really want to answer to your other half, and honestly, they are probably not best placed to advise as you truly need.  You need to be accountable to a professional who cares about you and your progress, but who won’t lie to you.

2 – Guidance

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of really smart people that put together these diets and the subsequent names they come up with for them.  The problems aren’t the diets themselves, the problems are diets in general and how people are monetising their super, special diet that is much better than everyone else’s.  You probably signed up to a certain diet because you tried the last one and while it worked for a while, it wasn’t sustainable.  The first diet must therefore not work.  This one must, right?

You need guidance on how to fit healthier choices into your schedule.  You need to work to establish why you make choices that put you in negative headspace.  You need guidance on how to make better choices so you don’t yo-yo diet again.

If your diet isn’t sustainable then will the results of the quick fix last for long?

3 – Why

It’s super important to know WHY?  What is your why?  It’s the in-thing (probably thanks to Simon Sinek).  But let’s put in another way:  

How bad do you want to make changes?  Are you truly in despair about your situation?  What happens if you don’t do something about it?  If you don’t truly want to make changes, you’ll continually half-arse every attempt.  How badly do you NEED to make changes?  Slimming some excess fat off the bone is vastly different from reducing the risks of serious and life threatening medical conditions.  The intensity of the changes need to be appropriate to the cause.

We work with clients to find the best path for them.  We don’t have a set diet plan that we’ll give you, we’ll just give guidance so that you learn by doing.  Taking control of your health and weight is much more about decisions than it is chicken and greens and exact calorie deficits.

If you are tired of constantly being on or off a diet and actually want to learn how to take control of your nutrition, then get in touch.

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