How should I train?

Any good training programme that is well designed should be balanced between volume, intensity and frequency. Anyone can put together a training programme that is all of one and none of the others, but that is where people get bored or hurt.

But how should YOU be training?

Volume is sexy. We can go online and see high level CrossFit athletes doing two, three, four or more separate training sessions in a day.  But before you try and copy them, you need to ask yourself a series of questions:

Should you be trying to emulate them?

Are your goals the same as theirs?

What do their recovery techniques look like compared to yours?

What is their nutrition like in terms of quality and quantity?

How do their life stresses compare to yours?

What are they sacrificing to push their bodies as hard as they do? 

How long have they been building up towards what they’re currently doing?

We prefer a balanced approach

Balance is key, not just in the gym, but in life.  So we are constantly seeking to maintain balance in the above triangle.  A skewed triangle is not as stable as a balanced triangle.

  • The number of times a week that you can train is your frequency.
  • How much you do each time you train is your volume.
  • How hard you push during each training session is your intensity.

This is why we are in constant conversation with our members to help them find balance in terms of:

1 – What they do when they do train,

2 – How much they’re doing each day,

3 – How many times a week they’re training, and

4 – Most importantly, how it is helping them move towards their goals

Whether you are training at home or in a gym, our role of helping them find balance and sustainability makes it simple for us to continue moving towards our vision:

To help our members achieve their goals by providing them with the best experience of their day

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