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Is happiness shaped like a six pack?

Over the years, we have rarely seen this to be the case when we’ve talked nutrition with clients.

We’ve found that the more that clients focus on other metrics of progress, the more content they are (and then their body usually responds how they wanted it to anyway!).

So here are 6 examples of how we measure progress with clients:

1 – “Are you feeling stronger in the gym?”

If you’re making progress with the lifts you’re lifting, the cardio work you can do and the gymnastics skills you’re working on then we’ve probably got your nutrition programme going in the right direction.  Everyday doesn’t have to be full of PBs but consistently making progress is a great sign.

2 – “How much energy do you have on a day to day basis?”

The gym is great, but the vast majority of people spend way more time outside the gym than inside the gym, so focusing on how you’re feeling at home, at work and in leisure time is a great measure of progress.  Daily energy levels are a great indicator of how your nutrition is supporting your lifestyle.

3 – “What’s your sleep like?”

Poor sleep is never a good thing.  Sleep quantity and quality are some of the first things to go rapidly downhill when your nutrition isn’t supporting you.  On the flip side, when we start to get clients eating enough on a regular basis and their sleep improves they immediately feel better about everything!

4 – “How’s your self confidence?”

This often isn’t a question but an inference from body language, choice of language and emotions on display on the phone or in person.  But no matter how it’s communicated, the results of moving away from a restricted mindset around food very often produce big changes in how people feel about themselves.  It’s less about a number on the scale and more about them as a whole person.  This isn’t just about progress with food, but progress across the board.

5 – “How would you describe your relationship with food?”

A lot of people measure their progress outside the gym, away from the mirror and off the scales – those are all places you choose to go.  These people measure progress in how they feel about the food that they eat – something that they need to do several times a day!  When food is viewed as something that gives you energy and nourishes your body rather than something to be avoided and scared of is a massive sign of progress.

6 – “How would you describe your mood?”

There are many ways that we can increase our mental health through nutrition and fitness – everything listed above, as well as improving gut health, reducing inflammation and more.  At the end of the day, chasing happiness as a metric of progress is potentially the best goal that you can have for yourself.

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