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Is personal training right for you?

Personal training is right for a lot of people: with total focus on you you are more likely to reach your goals faster. Right now, in the post-COVID world, the time has never been better to focus completely on yourself and getting to where you want to be as fast as possible.

Whether you want to get stronger, get fitter, lose some bodyfat or feel healthier, personal training is a great way to move forwards with your goals. With total focus comes increased cost, but with that increased cost there’s also a higher level of accountability.

Here are 5 reasons why personal training might be the right choice for you, right now:

1 – You aren’t ready for group classes yet

We know that everyone comes to us with different fitness levels and whilst we are experts in tailoring our group fitness programme to each person, you may need a completely different pace or style of training before you’re ready for some action packed classes in small groups. One on one attention inevitably supercharges your progress and those group sessions might be more accessible sooner than you think.

2 – You’d prefer to train with fewer people around post-COVID

Everyone worries about different things, and for some people the prospect of being in a gym when there are other people around and in the same area can be daunting post-COVID. Even though we are holding ourselves to rigorous standards when it comes to cleanliness and organisation of groups, you may just prefer having a bit more space.

3 – You’ve been injured or had time off from any form of fitness

Think of starting a new fitness programme like a return to normal life after some sort of surgery – you’d be treated as an individual so that you could make the fastest progress and the staff could focus on you and your goals. Treat joining us in the same way and you won’t go far wrong. That’s one of the reasons that all new starters at Second City work 1-2-1 with a member of staff, from their No Sweat Intro right through into whichever programme best suits them. Also, if you are injured then we’ve got an experienced physiotherapy practice on site so you can work alongside them as you return to fitness.

4 – You’re on a tight timeline or have a very specific goal

Some people join us with a time pressure such as gaining as much muscle as possible before pre-season training starts in 8 weeks time, or losing 5kg before an important day such as their daughter’s wedding. In these instances, time is short so any time wasted on things that don’t move someone towards their goal is wasted time.

5 – You need more flexibility in your schedule

Our group sessions run at specific times on specific days to best serve the majority of our members, but you might be tied up at times when we have classes with a job, kids or shift patterns so you can’t make it in regularly. To stop you getting frustrated at missing workouts, PT sessions are arranged around your schedule and can even vary in length! Rescheduling a group class isn’t possible, but rescheduling a PT session when your schedule changes is possible and you end up with a training routine that fits around your life instead of becoming your life.

6 – You see the increased value that personal training provides

The goal of working out is to add to your daily life rather than take away. You want to feel more confident, be more focused at work and have more energy at home – investing time and money directly into yourself is a great way to do all those things. A great training session often leaves you feeling so much better than you did before and that can carry over into the rest of your life.

If one of these reasons resonates with you then get in touch with us to find out how simple it is to start some personal training with one of our expert coaches. The easiest way to do it is to book a FREE No Sweat Intro so we can start the conversation there.

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