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We’ve just introduced two side by side programmes, SC GO and SC MOVE, to our in-gym offerings.  These two programmes will become the core of what we do on a day to day basis.  This is a different approach to what we have done in the past and this is all about working with the feedback that we have been getting.  

Now that we have opened up after being closed for 126 days it seems like the perfect time to give our members more!

Recently we published a survey and asked our members to rank the importance of various reasons as to why they come to SC FIT.  

Over 75% of respondents told us that their primary reason for coming was to Stay Healthy, whereas only 6% told us that Competing At Some Level was their biggest driving factor.

Splitting the votes for peoples’ 2nd and 3rd most important reasons for coming to us were Looking Good, Moving Well and Being Social.

This data, and ongoing conversations with members, have now informed our two new class offerings.

Neither thread is better than the other one, but there are slightly different emphases in each one to help more people reach their goals faster:

  • We know that a lot of people like being around others, so we’re working with current government guidelines on group sizes to keep group classes going in the gym.
  • We have found that, for many people, simplifying movements down allows for faster progress – so we’ll be spending more time drilling the fundamentals.
  • We know that people have limited time available for their gym sessions each week – so each session is guaranteed to be challenging for anyone.
  • We know that introducing variety can help people stick at a process longer – so we’ll be talking to members about their goals and then guiding them to which style of class better suits them.
  • We know that the human body has a limited number of movement patterns available to it so we need to touch on all of them over the week in both programmes.


SC GO is our version of daily Strength & Conditioning. Each day, members will tackle a foundational strength piece followed by a “metcon” workout (metcon = metabolic conditioning…a fancy way of saying you’re going to work hard!) that complements and builds off the strength. SC GO focuses on foundational strength development giving athletes plenty of exposure to the barbell while also getting in an effective workout (that may or may not involve a barbell).

Strength training in SC GO revolves around the core lifts: squats, presses, deadlifts, and power versions of the Olympic lifts. In addition to these core lifts, athletes will also gain exposure to accessory, midline, and bodyweight strength work. The workout portion of SC GO often borrows core movement patterns from the strength training and turns up the heat a little bit by incorporating higher-intensity formats and combinations. Our SC GO workouts focus on the duration, loading, volume, and movement complexity ranges that deliver the most bang for your buck. In SC GO, we have intentionally cut out the longest and shortest, and the heaviest and lightest workouts, in order to focus on packing the biggest punch in every session. The goal of SC GO is to tackle strength and conditioning with high levels of proficiency and appropriate intensity for the best results.


SC MOVE is our take on Functional Bodybuilding.  That doesn’t mean tiny thongs and gallons of fake tan – it does mean that we’ll be using an approach to training that can be used to increase strength, correct imbalances, improve movement quality, and help you gain comfort and confidence in a variety of positions, without sacrificing looking good.

In SC MOVE you’ll be introduced to concepts like supersets (performing two or more different exercises back to back) and tempo resistance training (intentionally slowing things down or adding pauses). It may take a week or two to get the hang of it, but that’s why you’ll be coached through everything. 

The programme runs in six-week builds, so you’ll progress your strength and conditioning, then move into a new training design to work on different skills. We will continually be exploring new Functional Bodybuilding concepts, including Olympic lifting, structural balance, hypertrophy, mobility, conditioning work, and more.

SC MOVE will prioritise quality of movement over speed of movement or amount of weight lifted by working with prescribed tempos, rest periods and exercise selections that might slow you down.

Things to remember…

SC MOVE is not a beginners programme, just as SC GO is not an advanced programme.  Everyone will be appropriately challenged, regardless of which class they attend.  The programmemes are designed to run side by side in a fully coached, supportive environment with the best results being gained from picking one and sticking to it as much as possible for 4-6 weeks at a time.

The weights you lift and the versions of the exercises you do will be guided by our experienced staff to help you get the results you want faster than ever before.

Some of the higher skill movements that have a higher barrier to entry and a lower return on time invested, are intentionally not being programmemed into classes and they will either be added as appropriate to a member’s workout or worked on in a very focused way in a 1:1 session.

If you’re not sure which sort of class is right for you right now then come and chat to us so we can help guide you towards the way forwards for you.

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