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Seven ways to work out if your nutrition is working… #4

For some people, they can tell if their nutrition plan is working because they can see the numbers on the scale dropping week by week.  Some people purely look at their sports performance as a gauge of if their nutrition plan is working or not.

But constantly getting on the scales and measuring sports performance aren’t strategies that work for everyone.

Over the next few articles we’ll be outlining some of the ways we help our clients figure out if their nutrition plan is working or not without needing to step on the scales or even care that much about performance in or out of the gym…

Are your clothes fitting differently?

A lot of people have that piece of clothing that they stopped wearing when it got a bit too tight in the wrong places and it made its way to the back of the wardrobe.

Wouldn’t it be great to wear that again?

When people are trying to grow some muscle they probably have the goal of filling out something that used to hang off them – imagine wearing that with confidence.

How can you tell if you’re making progress?

The clothes (unless they’re super stretchy) won’t lie to you but the scale might…

As you grow some lean mass and lose some fat you may even get heavier but smaller!

Guys, you may well find your shoulders getting wider, your chest filling out, your back feeling broader and your legs and backside growing whilst your waist shrinks…

Girls, you may well find the scale telling you that you’re heavier but your clothes feeling looser.

As well as keeping an eye on the scales and how your clothes are feeling we quite often recommend clients buy a cheap tape measure and track their waist, chest, hips, thigh and arm measurements so that progress can be shown in a collection of numbers.

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