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Seven ways to work out if your nutrition is working… #7

For some people, they can tell if their nutrition plan is working because they can see the numbers on the scale dropping week by week.  Some people purely look at their sports performance as a gauge of if their nutrition plan is working or not.

But constantly getting on the scales and measuring sports performance aren’t strategies that work for everyone.

Over the next few articles we’ll be outlining some of the ways we help our clients figure out if their nutrition plan is working or not without needing to step on the scales or even care that much about performance in or out of the gym…

Does it feel more like a lifestyle than a diet?

Most people hate the idea of dieting because it sounds hard and you’re already doing enough difficult stuff on a daily basis.  People can’t wait for a diet to end because they’re probably limiting things that they like.  Diets end, but lifestyles don’t.

How can you tell if you’re making progress?

  • – You probably don’t feel like you’re dieting as it’s less of an on or off thing and more of a daily habit thing.

When you eat well regularly and consistently it doesn’t become a conscious decision to fuel your body appropriately.  It becomes a conscious decision to go to McDonalds rather than do what you usually do and cook at home.

  • – You may well find yourself wanting to eat whole foods rather than processed stuff.
  • – You may even have a plan in place to negotiate tricky situations without derailing you (we’re pretty good at helping you out with these)

You don’t feel guilty for having some birthday cake or a few drinks with your friends because those things are the exception rather than the rule and the other 80-90% of the time you’re eating a whole lot better!

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