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Why set SMART goals?

Everyone knows that setting goals can be a very powerful tool in achieving success in almost every facet of life.  We are constantly reminded that we need to set goals, but not many people break down how to set goals that will really help you.

The standard acronym associated with goals is SMART:






But who talks about how to go through the stepping stones that lead towards the main goal itself?  Who helps you set sub-goals that lead towards the big prize?  

Here’s a brief rundown of how to do it:

  • Set your big goal using the SMART principles
  • Write down all the things that you need to do with your time to get to that big goal
  • Choose one thing that you need to start doing and start doing it today
  • When that has become a habit you can choose the next thing that you need to work on

And an example of it in practice:

SMART goal – I want to do 3 classes a week at Second City by the start of August 2020

Stepping stones that you need to cross:

  • Use a diary or calendar app for next week.  Book gym classes into my diary like I would dentist appointments
  • SC Home @ 0700 on Thursday – I will lay out my training kit before I go to bed on Wednesday.  I will set my alarm for 0645 on Thursday.
  • SC Home @ 1700 on Monday in the park and SC Home @ 1900 on Tuesday next week
  • Stay consistent with those three classes for two weeks – those times and days will be in my diary as appointments (with myself if needs be)
  • If something comes up, like illness, that causes me to miss a class I’ll be straight back on schedule as soon as I can because my goal is still important to me

Give it a try – break your goals down into smaller steps so that you can focus on ticking off smaller tasks as you form habits and make achieving the bigger goals a lot simpler.

If you need something more tailored around you and your schedule then get in touch so we can set you up with the appropriate membership and level of accountability.

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