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Want to get stronger, faster?

Would you drive at full speed into a parking space?

Of course you wouldn’t.  You’d think about what you were doing, check everything was safe and keep everyone around you a lot safer!

So why would you want to rush through your movements when it comes to training?  You wouldn’t want to damage your car, so why risk damaging your body?

Regardless of whether you’re warming up, lifting heavy weights, doing mobility work or doing conditioning work, how you move is crucial.  

How you move will determine not only how injury free you stay, but also how quickly you make progress towards your goals.

There’s only so much weight you’ll deadlift with a sloppy back position (and there’s only so many reps you’ll do with that sloppy back before you get hurt).  

You’re also likely to feel a huge amount of frustration if you do get injured and have to stop doing something that you used to enjoy.

That’s where we come in!  We are sticklers for form.  We want things done right, not to massage our own egos and help us sleep better at night.  We want things done well so that you make progress, you are happy and you are safe.

We’ll often even slow things down so that the weight you get to use is self limiting.  We’ll sometimes tweak exercises so that they’re harder than they need to be so you can get fitter / stronger without even knowing it.  When you’re learning something new, perfect practice is key and we’ve seen too many people try and rush things early on and then stall out when they don’t quite build a big enough foundation later down the road.

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