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What about losing bodyfat?

We see a whole range of people come through our doors, all with different reasons to start, or continue, exercising. Yet most want similar outcomes.

A lot of people who come to us want to lose some bodyfat. If that comes with some muscle gain, then that’s usually fine but the overall goal is to lose some bodyfat and to look better naked.

In theory fat loss is the simplest of goals to achieve.  

Make sure your expending more energy out than you are taking in – create an imbalance or deficit.

When you are doing this consistently the fat loss/weight loss will happen. Anywhere between 1-3lb a week depending on your circumstances is achievable and sustainable.  That being said, it’s easy to say, harder to do.  The theory is that your body will use its fat stores to balance the energy deficit you have created and you start to change shape.

So, if we break it down a bit further…

What does it mean to expend more energy?

On a daily basis move your body more, for example walking instead of driving, using the stairs instead of getting in a lift.  Cycle, play sports, go to the gym, train from home, learn how to dance, get out and do some gardening, boost your daily steps by 20%.  2 hours of vigorous exercise or 4 hours of light exercise a week.  How you do it doesn’t really matter when it comes to the end result. It just has to be something that you enjoy and will keep doing in the longer term – because what’s the point of working hard to lose bodyfat if you’re just going to put it back on a few months later?

How can you reduce your energy intake in a simple way?

On a daily basis eat less frequently.  Opt for nutrient dense foods opposed to calorie dense foods. Swap fizzy drinks for water.  Replace processed foods for whole foods.  Keep a diary to become accountable to yourself.  Take 20 minutes to eat your food. Chew every mouthful. Stop eating when you are 80% full.  Limit your snacks.  Keep on track over the weekend. Reduce your alcohol intake.  Eat more protein at breakfast and lunch.  Don’t buy things to have in the house that you know will lead you off track.

We regularly chat with members who know where they can make changes to get them to their desired outcome. But first we have to admit where we as an individual have developed a habit we are ready to change.  Talking about change is fine since there is no shame in wanting to better yourself.  

If you commit to a change for yourself you’ll probably end up getting more than just fat loss.  You will feel better, more energetic and have a sense of achievement that you put work into your goal.  Losing 1lb a week consistently adds up over time towards your bigger goal – plus the longer it takes to achieve it, the longer it lasts!

No fads or diets required, no pills to do it for you.  No 12 week transformation challenges. No juice cleanses. No restrictive ways of eating. No pyramid schemes. No right and wrong answers.

The first step is to recognise your ready to change.  The second step is to book a FREE No Sweat Intro

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