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What about weight loss? #1

Weight loss is supposed to be a simple process right?

Consume less energy than you burn and the number on the scale goes down, and then everyone is happy?

But, if things truly are that simple then everyone would have the body they want and everyone would be happy.

But when people come to us and talk about weight loss, they never mean losing weight – they actually mean losing fat.

Which actually means that the conversation needs to be changed and the language adjusted so that everyone knows what is going on before any kind of coaching can start.

The initial piece of conversation implies that changing the number on the scale is the goal and where that weight is lost from doesn’t actually matter – but we haven’t yet met someone who wants to keep their bodyfat and see the number on the scale move.  In that situation the mirror won’t lie, your clothes won’t fit how you want them to fit and you probably won’t feel much fitter and healthier at all.

If you are solely concerned with weight loss and body composition doesn’t matter to you then please reach out and talk to us because we’d love to help you!

So, once we reframe the conversation to be based in reality we now need to consider more than just how many calories are going in and out on a daily basis.  We now need to consider where those calories come from in terms of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

It is super simple to search for information on macronutrients (macros) and have a calculator tell you what split is right for you.  It is simple for someone with a product to sell to tell you that their way of thinking is the only way that will work. But both of those options are flawed – one is just a calculator running numbers through automatically and the other is driven by someone having a vested interest in selling you a certain product based on a certain way of thinking.

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