What are you looking for? Part 6

We know what you’re looking for.  We can say that with confidence because we’ve been doing this successfully now for 10 years.

What do we do though?

We meet people where they are on their health and fitness journey.  We find out what drives them and then we help them move forwards towards those goals.  We work with people from all walks of life, all backgrounds and all levels of fitness.

The last decade has shown us that people tend to fall into one or more broad categories when it comes to why they’re asking us for help.

COVID has certainly increased the amount of self-awareness that people have with regards to their own health and fitness wants and needs, so let’s break down those categories over the next few posts and you’ll be able to see which one you most identify with…

People who want to train around like-minded people

It’s no secret that training hard is not for everyone, but we truly believe that when you are surrounded by people who are all pushing towards their own goals it’s really hard to not push yourself.

As well as being a great place to get fitter and healthier physically, we’ve found that the mental health boost that members have from being part of something is phenomenal.

It’s not a competitive thing between people but it’s an inspirational thing – we’ve heard it referred to as the Roger Bannister Effect.  No-one thought running the 4 minute mile was possible until he just got on and did it.  Since he ran 3:59.4 in 1954 over 1400 men have run sub 4.  It wasn’t a physical barrier, it was a psychological one.

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