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What boundaries do you need?

We know that the majority of people are working from home at the moment.

During the first lockdown, second screens and desks went from being a luxury to selling out in many places!

This time is no different, but we’re now used to working from home.

It’s also cold and dark; perfect weather to shut ourselves in our offices/spare bedrooms. There isn’t even any FOMO, because there’s barely enough sunlight to coax us outside.

We make excuses like, ‘I can’t possibly take a break. I’m FAR too busy.’

The gyms have been shut too, so we don’t have that to break up our days – unless we’ve been using car park sessions at SC FIT or one of the daily Zoom classes.

We go from our office to our sofa and eat food out of boredom.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re turning working from home into living at work.

So, how can you change this?


Check-in with yourself before you check your emails.

Eat at normal times, regularly.

Schedule breaks – put alarms on your phone to remind you to get up and stretch/move.

Set time aside to exercise – if you can make it the same time every day, great!

Set a target for steps – between 5-10,000 daily. Without exception and regardless of the wealthier.

These are all things you can implement now.

Have you struggled to set boundaries working from home? Are you desperate to get back into the gym?

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