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What does a coach do at SC FIT on a day to day basis?

Coach – noun and verb.

As a verb Google tells us that words with similar meanings are instruct, teach, tutor, school, educate, upskill, guide, train and prime.

As a noun Google tells us that similar words are instructor, trainer, teacher, tutor, mentor and guru.

Now that definitions and synonyms are out of the way we can get to some discussion of what our coaches actually do on a day to day basis…

Our coaches definitely instruct and do an excellent job of breaking complex tasks down into simple instructions so that all of our members can have the best time of their day when they are with us.   

When it comes to teaching, having a former teacher and a current teacher on staff means that in staff development sessions there are experts who can share knowledge and experiences with the rest of the staff.

As we seek to grow, our more experienced coaches act as mentors to our newer coaches

In terms of training, they are constantly helping SCFIT members become fitter and healthier versions of themselves, in the gym and outside the gym.

If we were content with our current levels of knowledge then our staff wouldn’t be constantly looking to upskill and educate themselves and then pass on that knowledge to the rest of the team so that everyone can benefit.

When it comes to running classes or 1-2-1 sessions though, the coaches at Second City truly come into their own when it’s time to guide.  Guiding doesn’t involve giving all the answers. Guiding doesn’t mean making difficult decisions for the member.  It’s usually about helping someone make their own decisions whilst retaining some control of the environment that they’re making those decisions in.  Translated that could mean helping someone to experience a certain feeling during a workout.  It could be guiding someone towards choosing a certain number of reps or a certain weight for a workout.  It could be helping someone choose how they train based on their goals by asking the right questions rather than telling someone how they should behave.  Some people call it guiding, others would call it facilitating.

The dictionary definitions of coach don’t even begin to cover things like listener, carer, confidant, cleaner, friend, helper, agony aunt/uncle, taxi driver, first aider, unofficial counsellor… The list could go on

The simplest label we can put on them is COACH, but that’s ignoring just how multi-faceted their job role actually is.  Wearing a red shirt at SCFIT may look like herding cats, skilfully operating a whiteboard pen and knowing how to make a wall timer beep on command – but it goes a lot deeper than that, just ask any of them!

If you’re keen to be a part of a gym where the staff are constantly pushing forwards to provide a better service and product for the members the book your FREE No Sweat Intro today.

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