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What is our secret? Part 3

Why train with us?  What’s so special about what we do?  What are the secret ingredients to what we do on a daily basis?

Over the next few posts, we’ll be diving into the details of what we do, how we do it and why we do it…

If you take nothing else away from these other than a bit more knowledge to apply to your own training at home or in another gym somewhere then we’ll have done our job.  But if you want to speak to someone about how being part of the SCFIT family can help you achieve your goals then book your FREE No Sweat Intro here.

What do we do?

  • We hop, skip, jump and sprint

How do we do it?

  • We find safe ways for you to move quickly up and down, across the floor and on various ‘cardio’ machines

Why do we do it?

  • If you watch a toddler play, they’ll naturally do all these movements without being taught as they develop – so we do them too.
  • These types of movements teach our bodies to move in a coordinated fashion with multiple parts of the body all being asked to do different things at different times.
  • When your body lands on something, like you do when you land from a jump, your bone density increases so that you’re safer in future when you do similar stuff.  Dense bones are happy and healthy bones.
  • Moving your body through space challenges your balance and also challenges your proprioception (that’s just a fancy word to describe the awareness of where your body is in space without necessarily being able to see it).  Want to see proprioception in action? Close your eyes and touch your nose with one finger.

The theme running through these posts, if you hadn’t noticed it already, is that we’re not solely focused on one type of training.  We firmly believe that performing a range of different things in your training is important because one thing doesn’t do everything for you.  Changing up the movements and changing up the intent you perform the movements with are key factors in maintaining health and fitness at all stages of life.

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