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What is the measure of a good workout?

A good workout can mean many things to many people.

There are a whole range of feelings that people are looking for with a workout:

  • Some people are interested in feeling their muscles burn with effort.
  • There are some people want to be left breathless and in a heap at the end of a workout.
  • There is a group people want to feel energised and ready for the rest of their day.
  • Some people want to feel like they’ve learned something new.

But isolating one workout is missing the bigger picture.

The bigger picture is almost always about balance.  Balance between feelings and sensations that the workout creates.  Balance between types of workout and what it asks of your body.  Balance between short term and longer term successes.

If you view a single workout as the key to you and your progress then you’re missing out on so much more.

Unless you are a professional athlete being measured and paid for performance in a very specific task then variety is the spice of life when it comes to exercising.

Trying out new things keeps your brain engaged.

Doing something different to what you’ve done before could be the key to making progress.

Anyone can write a workout out that will crush you and leave you feeling sore for days, leave your joints feeling stiff and your energy levels through the floor.

A good workout can teach you about yourself without burning you down.

Another sign of a good workout is being able to come back tomorrow and the day after.  And the day after that, and so on for a long time.

That’s where we come in.

We’re not about 8 week challenges full of unsustainable ideas.

We want you to fall in love with what your body can do and work with you for years to come. Let’s start things off by getting you booked in for a FREE No Sweat Intro.

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