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What’s going on on August Bank Holiday?

Bank Holidays have historically been an opportunity for a bit of a celebration of fitness and friends at SCFIT. In the past, we’ve typically run one big class with multiple staff so that 60-80 people can come together for some semi-competitive fitness in a totally fun environment. This has invariably been followed up with some kind of social event so that an even wider group of SCFITters can come together and hang out.

The COVID-19 situation has changed very little of what we already were doing before:

  • Cleaning was already a priority, but now we have a set procedure for kit after classes and a top of the range floor scrubber that also sanitises as it goes
  • We’ve always run the gym with bookable slots to control the flow of people and make sure that everyone gets what they want in terms of staff time and coaching
  • We’ve always had a set capacity for people inside the building

COVID-19 has, however, changed what we will be doing this Bank Holiday.

It would not be responsible of us in the current age of social distancing to hold a single event on a day that we encouraged over 200 people to come to, either in the gym or at another venue later on that day.

Instead of a large-scale event accessible to all members, we’re keeping pretty closely to what we’re doing on a day to day basis – small scale classes that are accessible to all members. The only minor change to what would otherwise be a regular Monday is a slight rearrangement of the morning class hours so everyone can have a bit of a lie in!

Bank Holiday Monday timetable:

  • 1100 – SC GO
  • 1200 – SC GO
  • 1300 – SC MOVE
  • 1700 – SC MOVE & SC GO
  • 1800 – SC MOVE & SC GO
  • 1900 – SC GO

For a full reminder of what SC GO and SC MOVE are make sure you read this

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