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What’s gone wrong with the world?

This could be the start of an article that could go in a number of directions, but today we’re focusing on the expanding waistlines that are becoming more and more common around the world.

The lack of day to day moving around in an age of convenience is really far removed from what recent generations did before technological advances.

We Don’t Move Much Anymore

Moving from one seat to another constantly through the day whether we’re out and about or at home is ruining our health.

There’s no way that everyone can do a manual task to pay their bills, but the ever increasing pressure to work more is keeping more of us sat down for longer and longer hours every day.

We’ve seen data from clients who wear activity trackers that show that they can do less than 200 steps between waking up in the morning, starting work at 0800 and finishing at 1800.  By which time they’re so tired all they want to do is sit on the sofa.  Is this really a recipe for healthy and wellbeing?

If we’re sleeping 7-9 hours a day and spending 12 hours a day sat down (working, driving somewhere or relaxing) then we’re only moving anywhere for 3-5 hours every 24.  

Let’s turn that into a percentage – just 12.5-21% of people’s days are spent doing something other than lying down or sitting down.  If you were in the gym for an hour and only spent somewhere between 7 and 13 minutes actively trying do you think you’d make any progress at all?  If that was happening at SCFIT we’d definitely be starting a conversation with you about how inefficient you were being with your time!

Let’s get moving!

Can we help you get moving?  Can we help you kickstart your health and fitness?  Book a FREE No Sweat Intro and talk to us about what we can do for you.

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