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Who are we looking for?

Who you are is important to us.  But maybe not for the reasons you think it might, and maybe not in the way you think it might be…

Contrary to some people’s opinions, our gym (or indeed any decent gym) is not only for young, fit, healthy people.

If you’re interested in changing something about yourself then any gym owned and staffed by professionals should be welcoming you with open arms regardless of your age, size, previous experience of exercise, current state of health or body fat percentage.

All you’ve got to bring to the party is a desire to change and the willingness to work on it with our help.

We’ve spoken before about our values as a company here, here and here, and these values don’t just cover the staff at Second City – these values filter through everything that we do and to everyone who is a part of our gym family.

Let’s just pull out an example from each of our subcategories – what we want to do, what we want to be and what we want to have…

DO – Keep it simple

Earlier this week I had a phone consultation with a new client who had been given a diet plan based on a template a few months ago by a coach somewhere else.  It involved 5 meals a day, meals designed down to the gram and changing schedules based on when they were going to train and how hard they were going to train. What this other ‘coach’ had failed to do was talk to the client and find out that they didn’t ever eat breakfast! Needless to say, that plan failed because it was too complex.  We’re now moving forwards together with the simple plan of daily breakfast photos being sent over to build up healthy habits.

BE – Be consistent

Gym industry data shows that 40% of the members of a gym don’t show up!  We know that some gyms are priced so cheaply that their members barely notice their monthly payments going out and the members just keep paying whether they know it or not.  We’ve got a system where all members have regular check ins with a member of staff who makes sure that they’re on the right membership and that they can make a commitment to turn up consistently.

HAVE – Have fun

When you come to your No Sweat Intro, if you don’t see our staff and members chatting in a relaxed way with each other with smiles on faces and everyone having a great time, then let us know as there’s clearly something wrong! 

If you think that you are aligned with our values and want to get started on your health and fitness journey then book your FREE No Sweat Intro and let’s work out the best way that we can work together.

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