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Why are you here? #4

Over the past eight years we’ve asked everyone who comes through our doors what brought them to us, basically “why are you here?” and we’ve found that every single person who has come to us has been looking for one of six things.

The exact details of everyone’s ‘why’ varies with wording and for some people it even varies year by year or month by month as they develop and tick their goals off.

But the overarching reason behind why people come to us to help them always boils down to one of six reasons.

Over this mini-series of blog posts we’ll explain the six reasons and give examples of why we might be a good fit for you if you have a similar ‘why’.

  • The fourth reason people come to us is to lose weight

If you’re wanting to lose a couple of pounds then a potent combination of resistance training (lifting weights) and cardio (getting out of breath) is a great way to get the scale moving.  We’ve seen countless times people who come in and push themselves hard about 3 times a week, eat sensibly and stay active on their days away from the gym change shape before our eyes.

We know that a lot of people, when left to their own devices in a gym, go through the motions for a bit and never get the results that they want – then they leave without ever losing the weight that they wanted to lose.

If you’ve tried losing weight before with some sort of routine that you’ve stopped then it sounds like you could do with our help – book your FREE No Sweat Intro and we can help get you start changing your body shape.

PS – if you want to speed up your results then working with one of our expert nutrition coaches is a sure fire way to do that! Want to talk about nutrition? Click here

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