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Will you slip back into bad habits?

Everyone has bad habits and anyone that tells you otherwise is lying!

Being on lockdown helped a lot of people to see and understand what they truly valued in their lives.  It helped a lot of people develop a new love of health and fitness as they started to see it as a defence mechanism against boredom and illness.  Many people had time to assess their old habits and realise that they were often caught up in doing things that they didn’t need to and now didn’t want to.

Now that lockdown is easing across the country and across the world it is bringing a lot of these things into focus for a lot of people.  

If you formed positive habits during lockdown, are you keeping up with your new habits and leaving your old bad habits behind?

Unfortunately, there is a real danger that some people will slip back into their “old life” – rushing around, constantly feeling like they’re catching up and trying to keep everyone else happy.  

Is this the future that you want for yourself?  Are you telling yourself that this is only going to happen for a short time?  

Are you prepared to create the future that you want for yourself or will you keep waiting for something to happen?

If you fall back into your old habits, will you get where you want to be?

Are your old health and fitness habits going to serve you well in the future or do you need to make a change?

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