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Would you rather…

This article could well be titled something about justifying our pricing structure, but the actual title is much more interesting.  And a title talking about economics would probably turn you right off.

When people enquire about the prices at SCCF without knowing anything about us as a coaching service, both in the gym and online, they instantly think one of two things:

1 – “That’s way too expensive for a gym because I’ve seen big chain gyms offering memberships for £14.99, I’ll take my business elsewhere.”


2 – “That’s expensive but there must be several reasons why it’s so much more than a budget chain gym, I’d like to know more about what sets you apart.”

People who think option 1 without coming in to see the buzzing atmosphere, the energetic classes, the welcoming community, the highly skilled and experienced coaches, the in house physiotherapy services, the choices between multiple different types of class, the fact that we have over 50 hours of coached classes per week and the large group of like minded individuals all seeking to become fitter and healthier versions of themselves are doing themselves a massive disservice.

People who think option 2 tend to join up.  These people might even reorganise their monthly finances to allow them to join because they can see so much value in what we have to offer.

We all know the phrase ‘buy nice or buy twice’ when it relates to consumer goods.  We all know that trying to save some money by buying a cheaper option can actually backfire when it breaks or wears out sooner leaving us back at square one again.

How many people in the UK do you think have a gym membership and never go to the gym?  How many of those people don’t feel guilty about not going because it only costs them £10 or £20 a month?  How many of those people make excuses about why they didn’t go to the gym?  How many of those people fail because of the lack of a support network?  How many of those budget gyms keep in touch with people when they haven’t been to the gym in a little while?  How many of those cheap gyms are staffed by under qualified people who don’t care about their members?  How many of the big chain gyms are run by people who you know and invite to your weddings?

So, all this fundamentally boils down to a simple question:

Would you rather spend more per month on something that you’ll actually use, or less per month on something that you won’t use?

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