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Are you a puddle or an ocean?

Puddles and oceans are made of the same thing.  But is it about size?  Puddles are small whilst oceans and big.  Does that mean that we’re encouraging everyone to get as big as possible?  Absolutely not.  This is about intent.  It is about potential power.  This is about how much you want something and how nothing is going to stand in your path.

A puddle is a small mass of water, but if it’s given direction it may become a stream.  A stream can carve through the rocks that stand in it’s path.  As it progresses, the stream grows in size and power until no object can resist it.  Streams become rivers, rivers become seas and seas become oceans.

One person rowing 2000m in 6:30 is phenomenally impressive, but is it more impressive than someone else rowing it in 8:00?  If both people sit down at the same time and start rowing the one who finishes first may get all the praise, but what if that person could’ve rowed 6:00 whilst the one who finished in 8:00 pushed themselves way beyond what they thought was possible?  What if their previous best was 10:00?  Who is the ocean and who is the puddle in this scenario?

No matter how strong you get always remember that one person’s 60kg is another person’s 160kg.  The moment a coach starts to judge someone by their output rather than their effort is the moment that clients should probably start to think about finding a new gym.

Over recent weeks I’ve spoken to several members who have committed to training 3-4 times a week when previously they’ve been training twice a week.  Every single one of them has noticed that they’ve been making more progress than ever before and are enjoying themselves more than they thought possible!  The lesson to learn here is that turning up regularly is one of the keys to success.  All these people have decided that they’d like to be an ocean and they’ll prioritise their health and fitness.

Seeing people make the decision to grow emotionally and mentally as well as physically is a privilege that not everyone has.  

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