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What if I want to workout at home?

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We get it – not everyone can make it to the gym as often as they’d like.

Sometimes you just want to get a great workout in at home, out on the street or in a local park. Maybe it fits your schedule better. Maybe you’re stuck at home for some reason.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of workouts that you can do pretty much anywhere and with minimal equipment.

1 – Ladders

Choose a simple bodyweight movement like a squat, a press up or a burpee. Do one in the first minute, two in the second minute, three in the third minute and so on. If you feel like adding more than one per minute then feel free!

2 – Multiple Movements

Choose a number of bodyweight movements to do in one minute, such as 15 squats. In your second minute choose another movement to do, such as 10 press ups. Bounce backwards and forwards between the exercises for 10-20 minutes.

3 – Head-to-Toe Sprint

5-10 rounds for time of:

10 press ups

10 air squats

Run 200m

4 – hero workout “Michael”

3 rounds for time of:

Run 800

50 sit ups

50 back extensions / Supermans

5 – Descending Ladder


Choose 2-4 bodyweight movements. Do 10 of each thing, followed by 9 of each and then 8 of each and so on until you’ve done 1 of each.

If you want more challenge then you can always start from a higher number than 10, or go back up the ladder after you’ve done the 1s!

6 – Gymnastics Practice

Choose a couple of gymnastics skills that you have been working on, such as handstands or SC FIT squats and spend 20 minutes practicing the highest quality versions of them that you can manage, changing between exercises as and when you choose.

7 – Run 5km

Use Google maps to plan a running route and get out to enjoy some fresh air.

8 – Runny Mess

For time:

Run 400m

50 air squats

Run 400m

50 press ups

Run 400m

50 sit ups

Run 400m

9 – Upside Down

Set a clock for 20:00 and hold a handstand for as long as possible. Every time you come down perform something like 20 air squats or 20 dumbbell snatches.

10 – workout “Cindy”

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 20 minutes of:

5 pull ups

10 press ups

15 squats

11 – 4 x 4

4 rounds for time of:

Run 400m

50 air squats

12 – Drop The Reps

For time:

Run 800m then 80 press ups

Run 600m then 60 press ups

Run 400m then 40 press up

Run 200m then 20 press ups

13 – Leg Burner

3-5 rounds for time of:

30 jumping lunges

30 jumping squats

30 reverse lunges

30 air squats

Rest 1-2 minutes

14 – Iron Core

On a running timer, changing position every 15-30 seconds, rotate between the following for as long as you want/need:

Side plank – right side

Single leg plank – left side

Side plank – left side

Single leg plank – right side

15 – Sweat-fest

5 rounds for time of:

100 star jumps / jumping jacks

100 mountain climbers

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