It’s Coming: The SCFIT Intramural Open

Last month we shared a blog post outlining what we know so far about 2023 CrossFit Games season, including an introduction to The CrossFit Open! If you missed it, be sure to check out the post here for a brief overview of the Games season, including what to expect when it comes to the format, the qualifying process, as well as key dates for the diary!

Time now to delve deeper into the idea of the CrossFit Open and, more importantly (we think anyway!), what we are doing at SCFIT!

The CrossFit Open 1
The 2022 CrossFit Open at SCFIT

Remind me – what is The CrossFit Open?

The CrossFit Open is an inclusive, worldwide online competition, which serves as the first stage of qualification for the CrossFit Games. CrossFitters can register to take part in their affiliates or home-gyms to compete against their peers and fellow CrossFitters around the world. For budding Games athletes, the CrossFit Open is the crucial first hurdle in their journey towards the Games, but for hundreds of thousands of other participants, the Open is a fantastic and enormous community event, bringing together CrossFitters from all corners of the Earth, all ages and abilities, to take part in a series of functional fitness workouts.

What makes it so special?

As the name suggests – it is ‘Open’ to all. Anyone can register to take part, and with more options, scales and categories than ever before, the barrier to entry is intentionally low. Even for Games athlete hopefuls – they do not need to be sponsored, they do not need to ‘know’ the right people – they simply need to sign up, just like anyone else, and give it their best shot.

What’s the format?

Last year, the Open consisted of 3 workouts across 3 weeks, with one released each week on a Thursday, to be completed within 4 days. The format is expected to be the same this year, with registration for the Open LIVE already! The first workout will commence on the 16th February, with the next two released on the following two weekends.
The workouts will be released with different variations depending on the athlete category, including the classic ‘RX and Scaled’ versions, as well as various age category groups for teens and masters, and various adaptive categories.

What are we doing at SCFIT?

Introducing The Intramural Open! Here at SCFIT, we’re taking the community aspect to the next level! Each Friday for the 3 weeks of The Open, we will be running our famous ‘Friday Night Lights’. The usual timetable on Friday afternoons and evenings will be temporarily suspended, replaced with bookable slots running in mixed-ability heats for members to come down and have a go at their chosen version of the Open workout at a time to suit them!

Members will form 3 teams, each named after previous locations of the CrossFit Games: Aromas, Carson, and Madison. They will each be captained by two SCFIT members, nominated by the SCFIT team. Team members can earn points for their team in a variety of ways:

  • 3 points for completing the workout at Friday Night Lights
  • 2 points for completing the workout at another time (in case you can’t make the Friday!)
  • 1 point for judging someone from your own team

Bonus points will also be awarded at the coaches’ discretion for those who go above and beyond, truly embrace the community vibe and spirit of the Intramural Open!

What’s this about judging?

Part of the fun and experience of Friday Night Lights is that fellow members and staff will be on hand to count reps, check standards and cheer you on! We want to ensure everyone has the best time possible, so we strongly encourage members to arrive as early as they can before their own heat (and / or stay after!) to support one another. Whether members wish to submit their scores on the official CrossFit Games leaderboard or not, each participant will have a judge to keep track of their reps and ensure standards are held high!

The CrossFit Open 2
The 2022 CrossFit Open at SCFIT

If it’s not a class – how will I know what to do?

The staff team will record videos for warm ups and tips and tricks for completing the workout, and of course all the coaches will be on hand to help and answer any questions you may have. Our advice is to turn up early to get a feel for how it runs, and then dive straight in!

How can I join in?

You can let us know if you’d like to take part, by either following this link or scanning one of the QR codes in the gym. Remember, this isn’t to sign up to the official CrossFit Games leaderboard: this is to simply take part in the community Intramural Open at SCFIT.

Do I have to register for the CrossFit Open to take part in the Intramural Open?

The short answer: no! That being said, registering for the official CrossFit Open is a huge part of the fun, giving you an opportunity to take part in the global event, and see how you stack up against CrossFitters around the world! Even if the leaderboard doesn’t appeal, it can be a fantastic way to measure your progress year on year, to note your own improvement in the next CrossFit Open. If you’d like to, you can register on the CrossFit Games website for just $20.

What’s next?

Stay tuned! We’ll be in touch in due course with more information, including who your Intramural Open Team Captains are going to be! Until then, check out The CrossFit Games homepage for the latest updates on the road to the CrossFit Games, and keep asking questions! The SCFIT Team will be more than happy to chat to you about The Open and answer any questions you have.

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