SCHOME: It’s back!

Recently, we shared this blog post about various suggestions and ideas to help you work out if you’re working away, especially for those who find themselves stuck without access to a gym and / or with limited equipment!

We’re now taking this one step further, with the return of the SCHOME thread!

Home Workout

Why is it back?

We know that not all members are always able to come into the gym in person for their workouts at the moment, whether it’s due to isolation, childcare or work commitments – so we’ve decided to re-introduce the SCHOME thread for the time being so all of our members have access to home-friendly workouts every day.

Do I need equipment?

The programmeming lends itself really well to a single Dumbbell or Kettlebell, but can also work really well simply with a weighted backpack! So if you’re stuck at home without any specific gym equipment, find yourself a sturdy backpack or bag (or even a thick pillow case will do!) and fill it with something weighty! Think tins of tomatoes or beans…a few books… or some heavy boots… time to get creative!

Where can I access it?

This additional thread is available to all SCFIT members at no extra cost, and can be found on the SugarWOD app. Navigate to the ‘Whiteboard’ tab, click on the little drop down menu, and select SCHOME – and Bob’s your Uncle!

Can I log my scores?

Absolutely! You can still log you scores and fist bump each other on SugarWOD as normal! So you can get stuck in and join the online community, even if you’re at home.

I’m Isolating. Is there anything else I should do?

All we ask is that you follow government guidelines, and let us know if you need to isolate! We are here for you, so keep us in the loop, and if you need us just get in touch.

So that’s it – it’s back, and it’s free! Check it out on SugarWOD an be sure to tag us on Instagram when you try a workout!

Adele Wayt

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