SC Move has gone through a fresh new makeover! Each day focusses on a specific discipline, giving you more chance to reach your specific goals in classes. Here is a breakdown of each day!

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Monday – Gymnastics

Do you want your first pull up or press up? Or muscle up? Or handstand? This class is all about developing your ability to move your bodyweight through space in a range of different directions and movement patterns. This is great for building strength for your first pull up, or even muscle up. It is also the place to upskill yourself for things like toes-to-bar development. Each session will present a whole variety of movement options for you to work on your specific goals and your coach will work with you so you get the most effective session possible.

Tuesday – Functional Bodybuilding

Want to build strength, muscular endurance and look better naked? Then Tuesday’s move is for you! Here we will look to target specific muscle groups and look to get a sweet pump on! But don’t worry, we will also look to get sweaty in the process, making this a very holistic class to help you reach your goals!

Wednesday – Strongman

Here is where you might find some things you have never done before! And these new implements and movements could lead to strength gains faster than you have ever seen before! The idea here will be to move a heavy object from A to B. It’s an incredibly safe place to move weights bigger than you’ve ever moved before, which can help you hit new lifting PBs or just make you better at carrying shopping! But this one is a super fun one for sure!

Thursday & Saturday – Barbell

A long time favourite at SC FIT! Barbell is your place to develop your Olympic Weightlifting. We focus here on the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk, and this is perfect for beginners who want to learn to perform these movements with great competence, or for experienced lifters who want to drive their PB numbers up! As always, your coach will be on the floor to help everyone develop their lifting regardless of current ability!

Friday & Sunday – Engine

Do you like longer cardio sessions? Do you want to build a bigger base of fitness so you feel less out of breath during shorter workouts, or want to recover better session to session? Developing your ‘engine’ is a great way to do this. Here we will go long and look to work for 30-40 minutes and try and improve our cardio. If you want to get fit and lean, then this class will be perfect for you!

Which new class type are you most excited about? Let us know and we can’t wait to see you in the class!

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