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Take it for a walk…

Recently we wrote about the farmers walk (or farmers carry) and how we’re convinced that everyone could benefit from doing more of it regardless of their age, strength level or goal.

Today we’re going to dive a bit deeper into the farmers’ carry and lay out some targets for you to aim at.

The beauty of a simple exercise like the farmers’ carry is that it’s very simple to teach and very safe to perform but has massive impact when added to your training.  Due to the fact that it is based on moving, it is not only a great way to assess total body strength levels and work output (try find another way to move as large a load, as quickly and as far…) but becomes a brilliant way of showing stability from side to side as you walk rather than being stuck in one place.

So how much would we like you to be able to carry?

We’ve found great value in applying the numbers generated by Active Life RX as they are simple, repeatable and scalable.

If you can pick it up then we’d like you to be able to walk with it…

How far? 10 metres for every rep that you can deadlift.

So, in real terms, if you can deadlift 80kg for 5 reps then, if you’re balanced and strong, you’ll be able to pick up 40kg in each hand and walk 50m with it.

When the gyms open up again, maybe it’s time to test your grip strength and mental fortitude…

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