Time to talk GOALS

With New Year approaching, the topic of goal setting and new year’s resolutions is on many people’s lips! But when it comes to fitness goals, where on earth should you start?


Now we’re going to break tradition here, and start with the conclusion… which is to come and chat to us!

SCFIT members can book a free check-in or goal setting meeting with the gym manager to discuss:

  • how you’re getting on at SCFIT
  • what you’ve already achieved, and what’s going well
  • what you’re currently working towards, and any future goals you have in mind
  • how to go about reaching your goals and targets
  • if there are new or different ways in which our products, services and coaches might be able to help

Simply get in touch if this sounds like a chat you fele you’d benefit from!

In the meantime, we’ve included some common questions and answers to get you thinking about what’s important to you, and perhaps give you a starting point so you can come to your check-in appointment with a few thoughts and ideas!

I have TONS of goals…. Is that ok?

Yes, absolutely! But – it is a good idea to hone in on a few at a time. We only have a finite amount of time and energy, so if we try and tackle too many goals at once, we’re going to be diluting those resources and will likely mean the goals take much longer to reach, or worse… the task feels too great, and we decide to give up. Instead: prioritise. Which goals matter the most to you? Will some goals build the foundation to allow you to reach other ones in the future? For example – if a pull up and a muscle up both feature on your goals list, honing in on that strict pull up first before working on muscle up transitions will mean you have a solid base of upper body strength when you do start to tackle the muscle up drills. Stuck on how to prioritise? Talk to us. We can help!

Do I need a ‘SMART’ goal?

Not always. SMART goals are fantastic, and a great way to get specific with timeframes and accountability if you have a particular goal in mind. You’ll likely hear the SCFIT staff talk about SMART goals, because knowing the timeframe (and deadline, if relevant) helps us to support you in achieving it. The work required to achieve a pull up in 3 months is going to be different to achieving the same movement in a 12 month period, so if there’s data attached to your goals, it helps to know it! That being said, not every goal will have an end date. A goal might instead be an ongoing thing, such as coming to the gym 3 times a week. In these instances we can still work with the SMART model, but just filling in the bits we do know. Your goal might simply be to carry on as you are – this is a perfectly reasonable aim if you’re content with how things are going! Again though, there are elements of the SMART model that will apply. There might not be a timeframe (or the timeframe in this instance is ‘indefinite’), but there are still ways in which you can measure your success (even if that’s simply keeping tabs on how many times a week you attend the gym!).

I’ve been chasing the same goal and getting nowhere. What’s the point?

Without wishing to sound like a broken record… come in and chat to us. It’s a fantastic first step to know what you want, so good on you for establishing that goal! Now it’s time to hone in on exactly what’s going on. We can work with you to establish what barriers are getting in your way (Eg, not knowing what drills to do to help learn a new movement, or not having enough time to invest in practice) and then find a solution and make a plan to overcome them. It might be that we can offer an approach you hadn’t thought of, or provide the tools you need that you feel you’re lacking.

I feel like I don’t have time to work on my goals, let alone come in and talk about them… help!

We can arrange a virtual check-in rather than a face to face one! Yep – there is a solution for everything! Simply drop us a line and let us know what your week looks like, and we can get a call or video chat booked in at a time that works for you.


We did say right back at the start that this would be the conclusion… to book yourself in for a chat with us! Go in with an open mind, and you never know where the conversation might lead… perhaps it will help bring some clarity to what feels like a never-ending wish list of movements you’re working towards… or it could help you come away with a fresh perspective, and some tactics to hone in on that one big aim of yours, or even if it just confirms to you that you’re on the right track and you’re doing all the right things to achieve what you want…then it’s time well spent!

And in the meantime, hopefully these questions and answers serve as some food for thought, and leave you excited for 2022! 

Ready to talk? Contact us on info@seconcityfitness.com to get booked in for a face to face or virtual check-in!

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