What’s New at SCFIT 3.0? Part 1: The Gym Floor

After years (quite literally) of looking for units, followed by months of planning, building, painting and preparing, we are SO excited to finally be in the new space! But it isn’t just the address that’s new: we’ve heavily invested in creating a gym for the members, which includes some changes and new additions to the gym floor layout, the equipment, and the areas behind the scenes!

So let’s start by taking a dive into the shiny new kit and equipment that you’ll see on the gym floor at SCFIT 3.0!


1. Rig & Pull Up Bars

We’ve had our old red ad black rig sandblasted, re-painted and re-arranged to suit the new space, so it’s as good as new (but still with all the memories of SCFIT 2.0!). The gym also features a whopping additional 14 pull up / muscle up bars that daisy-chain their way through the centre of the gym, PLUS a dedicated single bay rig for the PT zone, so with a huge 26 pull up stations in total (and that’s just inside!) with 8 different heights to choose from, there’s a bar to suit every member in any given class.

Check out…

The grip on the bars… they’ve been ‘roughed up’ so are grippy as hell ready for you to smash those gymnastics! 

2. Barbells

We’ve invested a rather significant chunk of cash in shiny new barbells! We have a complete set of black 15kg and red 20kg barbells, each with their own set of click shut clips (rather than those old clam grip ones!).

Check out…

How BEAUTIFULLY they spin! Just be sure to look after them – think of it a bit like you would your mobile phone… don’t drop it, even from a low height (that includes as you slide plates off the bar – simply, guide the end of the barbell down to the floor with your hands!) and please don’t use liquid chalk on them.

3. Suspended Ropes and Rings

We are so excited about being able to make use of the load-bearing roof beams at SCFIT 3.0! You’ll now see 8 sets of suspended rings (for ring pull ups, muscle ups, dips etc) PLUS 4 ropes, and an additional one in the PT zone. We’ll be including these in class programmeming so rest assured you will be able to get your hands on one in class soon!

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The small touches… we’ve posted for uncoated ropes and wooden rings for your gripping comfort. If you’ve ever tried to climb a varnished rope or muscle up on plastic rings then you’ll know how big a deal this is!


4. Atlas / D-Balls

We have a whole brand spanking new selection of Atlas Balls for you to squat, carry and chuck around! Our range now features ball of weights: 







Check out…

How much less mess they make compared to the sandbags! Small changes like this keep the wonderful new gym as clean as possible, and the air free of sand! They are also cleaned far more easily than the fabric bags so will be a safer way for us to ensure equipment stays fresh between uses.

5. Ab Mats & Gymnastic Mats

We’ve done away with the tired ab mats of SCFIT 2.0, and introduced a solid foam version! 

You’ll also spot some accordion folding mats, so if you fancy trying some tumbles or rolls or perhaps want to brave your first free-standing handstand push up, we’ve got you covered!

Check out…

Again – how easy they are to clean! With winter looming and various colds and bugs flying around, we’re taking cleaning measures seriously.

6. Peg Board & ‘Worm’

Over in the PT zone lurks the gym’s very own Peg Board! You will likely have also spotted the giant sand-filled ‘worm’ too! These specialist pieces of equipment are ideal for the budding competitive athlete and / or those members who like the idea of team style training. Trying and training with competition specific equipment will really give members the edge when turning up to competition, and we are excited to be able to offer it at SCFIT.

Check out…

The extensive programmeming and training options we offer for aspiring competitive athletes! We have a range of programmeming bolt-on options including the new ‘SC Compete’, as well as weekly Team Training sessions and bespoke programmeming options. Just ask a coach if this is of interest and / or if you’d like to try out the peg board in your next PT session!

7. Outdoor Training Space

We’re delighted to have a dedicated outdoor training space at SCFIT 3.0! Fit with mats and it’s very own rig, it’s going to be heaven in the summer, and a great back up if (touchwood…) we ever find ourselves faced with government restrictions in the future. If you’re booked onto the extras space or in a PT session and would like to train outside, just ask a coach and they can check availability!

Check out…

The container… a real treasure trove! We’re kept various odd bits of kit from SCFIT 2.0 so if there’s something you’re after that you can’t see on the gym floor, just ask a coach and they can pop to the container!


And that (for now…!) is all of the new kit and equipment on the gym floor! Watch this space, because we are always looking to improve, develop and grow, so there will no doubt be plenty more additions coming your way in the near future!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this blog series where we cover all the new developments off the gym floor, from social spaces to changing room upgrades!


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