What’s New at SCFIT 3.0? Part 3: The Details

After years (quite literally) of looking for units, followed by months of planning, building, painting and preparing, we are SO excited to finally be in the new space! But it isn’t just the address that’s new: we’ve heavily invested in creating a gym for the members, which includes some changes and new additions to the gym floor layout, the equipment, and the areas behind the scenes!

We’ve explored all of the shiny new kit and equipment that you’ll see on the gym floor, in addition to the upgrades and new instalments behind the scenes, and now we’re finishing off with a closer look at some of the details that make SCFIT 3.0!

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Rainbow T-Shirt Wall

The famous rainbow array of hanging t-shirts at Birkdale Avenue disappeared for a short time… but they’re back! They been washed, cut, and mounted to create a colourful welcome as you enter SCFIT 3.0. The T-shirts have been gathered over the years from events, competitions, gyms we’ve visited, and even some from travelling CrossFitters who’ve dropped into SCFIT for a session, bringing a souvenir with them for us to keep! They’re a perfect reminder of Second City’s journey so far; where we’ve come from and where we are going. 

Community Board

SCFIT has always been about the community, and we love to celebrate the wealth of talent and expertise our members have. The community board is the perfect place for this – so that members can pin their business cards, recommend trusted tradesmen and women, and advertise things that might be of interest to the SCFIT locals!


The move to Clonmel Road has enabled us to provide a heating system. We’ve taken time and planned carefully to find a way of heating the building that isn’t wasteful, but also doesn’t crank the temperature up so high that members are left burning up! Our new infra-red heaters tick all of these boxes; warm enough to make a difference, but not giving members that quest feeling you can get being blasted with hot air! Not to mention that they run on a thermostat, so they’re only on when needed, AND will come on in the morning before the 6am class, ready for your arrival!


We’ve done away with the open cubbies, and introduced mesh lockers for use by SCFIT members when they are in the building. They fit most padlocks, so you’re welcome to bring your own padlock if you would like, or we do sell mini combination padlocks too! These not only give a secure and safe place for members to store valuables if they wish, but also keeps belongings off the gym floor, making it a cleaner, tidier and safer place for everyone.

And that (for now…!) is a wrap! Be sure to check back on the blog for our two previous posts where we cover all of the other new additions in the way of kit and upgrades behind the scenes.

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