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Why are you here? The round up

Over the past few weeks we’ve been talking about why people come to work with us, and now it’s time to round up all the answers into one place…

Over the past eight years we’ve asked everyone who comes through our doors what brought them to us, basically “why are you here?” and we’ve found that every single person who has come to us has been looking for one of six things.

The exact details of everyone’s ‘why’ varies with wording and for some people it even varies year by year or month by month as they develop and tick their goals off.

But the overarching reason behind why people come to us to help them always boils down to one of six reasons:

Although we know that the exact reasons people come vary slightly by the words they choose to describe what they’re looking for, the underpinning reason is always one of the things listed above – if you identify with one or more reasons on the list above then book your FREE No Sweat Intro now.

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