The SCFIT Spring Throwdown: What To Expect

The Spring Throwdown is approaching… you check your diary, and you can make it! You’re ready to book, but it’s your first Throwdown… and you have no idea what to expect.

Good news: this article is for you!

What Is a Throwdown?

The SCFIT Throwdown is an all-members-welcome inclusive event, where the focus is on effort, team spirit, and having fun with the SCFIT community! We really mean it when we say all-members-welcome: everyone can take part and contribute at a level that is appropriate for them, just like they would in an SCFIT class. It’s enormous fun, and a great chance to meet fellow members, and challenge yourself in a zero-pressure environment!

When & Where is it?

This year’s Spring Throwdown is taking place on Sunday 28th April, which means you have less than 3 weeks to sign up! The event will start at 9:30am and run through til mid-afternoon, with various team workouts throughout the day. It will happen in the usual gym location: SCFIT in Strictly, Birmingham!

How Does It Work?

Simply scroll ahead to the 28th on WODBoard, sign up and we’ll take care of the rest! The SCFIT Coaches will organise everyone into large teams (in past Throwdowns, we’ve had 2-5 big teams of 6-12 people each) captained by an SCFIT coach. Your team captain is there for YOU on the day, to motivate, support, encourage and help plan how to tackle each team workout!

A mixed-ability SCFI Throwdown Team

But I’m a total CrossFit beginner…

As long as you are a member, attending SCFIT classes, you are welcome! We mean it. Newbies are just as welcome as the super-experienced, seasoned members – the workouts will be planned just like a class workout, where there are options and movements to suit all abilities and levels of experience.

You’ve Not Mentioned Winners…

…because it really doesn’t matter! The scoring of the events and team structure is organised in such a way that no one will know which team might do best… and taking part really is all that matters. There’s no “First Team” and “Second Team”, no “A” or “B”, and no big awards ceremony for the winning squad. There is however an entertaining certificate-giving tradition at the end of the day where we celebrate funny moments, personal achievements, and outstanding team-spirit efforts! So if you are awarded the Spirit-Of-The-Throwdown certificate… then you’re definitely a winner!

How Do I Sign Up?

The SCFIT Throwdown is a member-exclusive event, so if you’re an existing member, simply scroll ahead to Sunday April 28th in WODBoard and book yourself a spot!

What Do I need to bring?

Just yourself, and any kit (such as skipping rope, grips) that you would use in class… plus any refreshments you need! Many members will bring their own packed lunch, but don’t forget that our favourite local cafe Caneat is just around the corner on Pershore Road. You can also find Stirchley Food & Wine on the High Street if you need to grab a drink or snack to go.

I’m Still A Little Apprehensive…

Reach out to Lauren on! She will be more than happy to talk through any questions and answer any concerns you have, so that you can get excited about signing up and look forward to an awesome day. So don’t hold back – get in touch.

Sound like your kind of gym? Get in touch to book a free No Sweat Intro! Our door is open, and we would love to meet you.

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