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How are your shoulders feeling?

We’ve talked recently about farmers’ carries and using them as a way to assess strength balance across the whole body.  We’ve also talked about how powerful they can be in moving you towards your goals in a separate post.

Today the theme of carrying and strength balance is coming round again, but this time we’re looking at the shoulders and upper body more than the lower body.

It’s not uncommon for people to tell us that their shoulders feel a bit tight, that one side feels stronger than the other or that hours at a desk is ruining their posture.

We like to use a similar carrying test to the farmers carry one that is scalable to anyone as it is based on your own strength levels.

Can you carry 1.5x what you can press, where 1 press = 10m of carry?

So if you can press 15kg for 5 reps then we’d like to see you:

  • Carry 22.5kg overhead for 50m


  • Carry 15kg overhead for 75m

Whilst this is a great test of shoulder stability and balance while moving, it is also great for looking at each shoulder individually to find any strength imbalances. 

Can you press more reps or more weight on one side? It’s time to work with us to find a way to make that side stronger.

Can you walk further with one arm overhead than the other?  Maybe you just need more time practicing.

Are you frustrated when it comes to trying to do a handstand but can’t figure out why?  Maybe some overhead carries will help strengthen your shoulders in the locked out position you need to get upside down.

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