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What was Joe Rogan talking about? Part 2

Recently Mat Fraser, winner of 5 back to back CrossFit Games and arguably the fittest man who has ever competed in CrossFit, was interviewed by Joe Rogan.  At the time of writing the episode has been viewed on YouTube 24,000 times and probably listened to way more than that on Spotify.

Whilst Mat has some very interesting things to say about a whole range of topics, there are some things that are said that we want to refute and talk about a bit more.

After about 25 minutes, Joe asks Mat about how CrossFit gyms work and how they are regulated.  Mat professes his ignorance, but the tone of the conversation is damning towards the gyms that do coach people, do care about people and do more than just have staff stand around cheerleading in a room half full of broken equipment.

Whilst the requirements for, and costs of, affiliation to CrossFit are a lot lower than in a franchise model, like Subway or McDonalds, the theory is that the market will reward those who do it well.  Those who don’t run a solid business based on values and good business practices will fall away whilst those who get it will thrive.

The fact that we’ve been consistently growing since 2012 should tell you something at this point.  We’re not going anywhere and are more than willing to have conversations with other gym owners who want to raise their game or feel they’re stuck.

We do coach people, we do care about people and our staff are way more than just cheerleaders in a room full of broken equipment.  Come and see for yourself!

Maybe it’s time you booked a FREE No Sweat Intro so that we can discuss with you how best we can help you get fitter and healthier…

Disclaimer: We’d like to remind people that whilst Mat is a phenomenal athlete, his views do not represent what we do on a day to day basis.  Trying to copy him without being him would be like turning up to the swimming pool in around 2008 and attempting to do exactly what Michael Phelps was doing and thinking that you were going to make progress and be safe at the same time!

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