The Halloween Throwdown

With the 2022 SCFIT Halloween Throwdown just days away, it’s the final countdown!

Many of you will be familiar with the concept of in-house Throwdowns, with a number having already attended past events, but in case you’ve never taken part in one of SCFIT’s popular in-house team Throwdowns, here’s the lowdown – and the answer to all of your questions!

What Is It?

An SCFIT Throwdown is an inclusive, all-members-welcome group event, with the focus being on effort, team spirit, and having fun! It lasts for one day, from around mid-morning to early afternoon, and involves around three different team workouts. Everyone can take part and contribute at a level that is appropriate for them, just like they would in a typical SCFIT class. It’s enormous fun, and a brilliant opportunity to meet other members, and challenge yourself in a no-pressure environment!


How Does It Work?

Simply sign up and we’ll look after the rest! The Coaches will sort everyone into large teams (in past Throwdowns, we’ve had 2-5 big teams of 8-14 people each) captained by an SCFIT coach. The coach won’t take part themselves – they will simply be there for YOU on the day, to motivate, support, encourage and help plan how to tackle each workout!

What About Newbies?

As long as you are a member, attending SCFIT classes, you are totally fine to take part! Newbies are welcome; just as welcome as the super-experienced, seasoned members!

You’ve Not Mentioned Winners…

…because it really doesn’t matter! The scoring of the events and team structure is organised in such a way that no one knows which team might do best, and taking part really is all that matters. There’s no A-Team and B-Team, and no huge awards ceremony for the winners! There is however an entertaining certificate-giving tradition at the end of the day where funny moments, personal achievements, and outstanding team-spirit efforts are celebrated! So if you are awarded the Spirit-Of-The-Throwdown certificate… then you’re definitely a winner!

Halloween Throwdown

What Is The Cost?

The cost to take part is just £15. We re-invest the money into something that will help improve your experience at SCFIT. In the past, Throwdown funds have bought us the sleds (you’re welcome), the worm (double you’re welcome!) new sound-systems and all sorts of other cool things! So keep your eyes and ears open to hear what the plans are for the funds raised from the upcoming Throwdown!

When Is It, And How Do I Sign Up?

THIS Saturday – 29th October! Find the link to register in your recent email from Sophie, or scan the QR code in the gym for a direct link to book!

Is this one Halloween themed?

Heck yes! Fancy dress is strongly encouraged, although it’s worth bearing in mind that you’ll be working out in your costume, so make your choices accordingly!

I’m Still A Little Apprehensive…

Reach out to Sophie on! She will be more than happy to talk through any questions and answer any concerns you have, so that you can get excited about signing up and look forward to an awesome day. So don’t hold back – simply get in touch.

Sound like your kind of gym? Get in touch to book a free No Sweat Intro! Our door is open, and we would love to meet you.

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