What’s the Deal with the Friday 1pm Class?

You may have noticed that the Friday 1pm class is coached by a different member of the team every week. 

You may have also noticed that a number of the staff take part in this class too – joining in on the action!

And… if you are very observant… you may have also spotted a couple of the staff team watching from the sidelines!

So what’s the deal with the Friday 1pm class?

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The Friday Routine

Every Friday at 1pm, your usual SCMOVE class takes place. Just like any other class: members book on, they are coached by a member of the SCFIT staff team, and everyone has the best hour of their day! And… it also becomes an opportunity for the staff to learn, share best practice, and work on improving the experience we deliver to you: the members.

How Does it Work?

Each week, the staff responsibilities rotate around, so one of the coaches will lead the class. Another will sit and observe, accompanied by a senior member of the team. They will watch the class take place from the outside. The rest of team will get stuck in and take part! The two sided observation (both from the staff experiencing the class as ‘members’, and from the outside observers’ perspectives) helps to paint a full picture, and a chance for us to notice the finer details. After the class finishes, the team will all gather for a staff meeting to reflect on the last hour, discuss feedback, and chat through what can be taken away for next time.

What does this mean for the SCFIT staff?

It means we not only have an opportunity every week to JOIN IN on a class (which, in case it isn’t obvious, we LOVE!) and receive coaching from our colleagues, but also that we can learn from one another. We can celebrate the highlights, receive feedback on all things coaching-related, discussing what works well and what could be improved. ALL of the coaches will take a turn in leading this class – no matter how senior or experienced. This also includes part-time staff, and those who are solely dedicated to 1-2-1 clients (as opposed to coaching group classes) because we believe we can ALL learn and improve.

What does this mean for you?

In terms of booking on? Nothing! You can book on as normal, knowing you’ll have the same great experience you’d have in any SCFIT class. In terms of the bigger picture? You can rest assured that the staff team are not only willing to learn and grow, but actively pursue feedback, driving to constantly improve their skills, widen their experience, and give you the very best hour of your day!

So there it is! That is the deal with the Friday 1pm class. It’s just one of the many ways we aim to continually develop and improve the coaching at Second City.

Keep your eye out on the blog for the more on this topic in the coming weeks!

Adele Wayt

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