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Tier 3 – what does this mean?

As of a couple of hours ago we have been informed by the government that as of next week we’ll be in a Tier 3 area in terms of COVID-19 risk.

This is just another curveball that 2020 has thrown at us and just like all the other ones we’re getting ready to deal with this in the most proactive way we can.

Whilst we wait for the official legislation to be published and for UK Active to produce a statement that clarifies exactly what we can and can’t do under these rules we are working behind the scenes.

Until we know exactly what the legislation says we have to be content with making multiple versions of a re-opening plan and writing multiple versions of our enhanced risk assessments.

Through all these processes we are working closely with our solicitor to find the best way forwards for everyone connected with SC FIT and we want all of our members to know that we really appreciate their support while we untangle this latest mess that has been served to us…

Relax – we’ve got this!

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