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How long will it take for me to get fit?

How long will it take for me to …………… (insert goal here). That’s a great question, and, like so many great questions, the answer usually starts with “it depends”.

But let’s clarify that further with an analogy and a little catchphrase.

“Be the steak”


What does it mean though?

If the average adult cow weighs 1390lbs (630kg) and the average size of the fillet steak (tenderloin) cut from a cow is 5lbs (2.27kg). It means that the fillet makes up 0.36% of the weight of a cow.

We know that a prime piece of beef fillet is extremely tender and requires very little in the way of preparation or cooking time to be at its best, to have wonderful flavour and texture and to satisfy most meat eaters.  We also know that there are several cuts of beef, such as the flank, the brisket and the shin, that require much more preparation and a much longer cooking time to be wonderfully satisfying and delicious.


Time for some tough love

It’s the same with people who start working with us.  Some people are fillet steaks, some people are not.

Statistically you’re probably not a fillet steak.

Fillet steaks are like unicorns in their rarity.  They probably have an extensive background in health and fitness before they get in touch with us.  They seem to learn skills within minutes of getting shown.  They seem to get stronger and stronger by just thinking about exercise. They seem to eat whatever they want and get leaner without trying.  They don’t seem to get tired!

What about you though?

The chances are that you’re a different cut of beef.  You’re in the other 99.64%.  Patience is your new best friend. With that in mind:

  • You will need to take time to learn skills
  • You will need to pay more attention to the way you warm up
  • You will get stronger
  • You will to focus on yourself and not on others
  • You will make progress
  • You will need to spend some time on your mobility
  • You will need to pay attention to your nutrition

As a percentage, the amount of beef that requires slower preparation and more attention vastly outweighs the fillet, so do not be surprised when you need to be content with your own progress rather than that of someone else. 

Celebrate every small victory that you make along the way, and understand that you can become just as good a meal as the fillet, it may just be a longer process to get there

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